Lists and Rankings (All Years)

Total Adherents and Congregations: Download CSV (Excel-compatible) files with selected data from the 2010 U.S. Religion Census*. Lists of data by geographic area give total figures from the study. Lists of groups by geographic area show counts of groups and the largest single group. Religious Group lists include totals for each group. For detailed information, see the book or the Association of Religion Data Archives.

Individual Group Lists: Lists detail the presence of a single group within the selected geographic area as reported in the 2010 U.S. Religion Census*. To see all groups within a single area, see the book or the Association of Religion Data Archives.

By Individual Religious Group

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Metro area definitions for each decade are based upon the latest boundaries as established by the US government Office of Management and Budget. The latest OMB update was made February 2013.

*As corrected data becomes available, the data files are updated on the data-driven sites. See the Errata section.

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Participating Groups

This study is not for marketing purposes; names and addresses of congregations are not collected or published. The study works with each participating group to ensure the group's accurate representation.

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