Maps and data files for 2020

372 faith groups have been included in the 2020 U.S. Religion Census.
Maps and the data files based upon this information are available for download below.

If any of the map data seems inaccurate, please call this to our attention.


Religious families (low res)
Religious families (high res)
Adherents as percent of population
Largest religious group
Largest Protestant Group including nondenominational churches
Largest Protestant denomination
Catholic as percent of population
Largest non-Christian religion

Data Files

Note: These files were updated on June 23, 2023. Thank you to our users for helping us identify a few minor issues with the data.

2020 Summary data by nation, state, county and metro 
2020 Group detail data by nation, state, county and metro


Our Promise To
Participating Groups

This study is not for marketing purposes; names and addresses of congregations are not collected or published. The study works with each participating group to ensure the group's accurate representation.

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