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The map on page 256 of the original publication -- Oriental Orthodox Adherents as a Percentage of Total Population, 2020 -- was incorrect. The corrected map may be accessed here. The downloadable pdf file of the book and the print-on-demand book also contain the corrected map.


A few corrections were made to the data since the 2010 U.S. Religion Census: Religious Congregations & Membership Study was published. The following states and counties are affected.

  • Georgia: Lee, Macon, and Schley counties
  • Kentucky: Edmonson and Warren counties
  • Nevada: Eureka and Storey counties
  • Texas: King and McLennan counties

Corrected data is reported here. Cells highlighted in red indicate a number that was corrected. Cells highlighted in yellow indicate a number that was affected because of a corrected (red cell) number (in every case, the change barely affects national or state totals.)

Online report features or data sets have been updated with the corrected data.

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This study is not for marketing purposes; names and addresses of congregations are not collected or published. The study works with each participating group to ensure the group's accurate representation.

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