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The U.S. Religion Census is a count of religious congregations, and where available, the number of people affiliated (adherents) with those congregations. The 2020 U.S. Religion Census has data on 372 religious bodies across the nation. The material on the website includes counts of congregations and adherents for each of the 372 groups in every county (or county equivalent) in the United States. This data is available in report form and in maps, and the entire dataset can be downloaded in spreadsheet format.



The links below are to PDF files with information on how the 2020 U.S. Religion Census data was collected. The Preface and Introduction provide an overview of the study's methodology and summarizes participation. Appendix A contains basic information for each of the groups listed in the study. Appendices B through K describe special efforts to count various groups.

Preface and Introduction

Appendix A--Definitions, Procedures, and Comments

Appendix B--Non-denominational Christian Churches

Appendix C--Jewish Groups

Appendix D--African American Groups

Appendix E--Mailing Address Lists

Appendix F--Orthodox Christian Groups

Appendix G--Buddhist Groups

Appendix H--Hindu Groups

Appendix I--Amish Groups

Appendix J--Plain Anabaptist Groups

Appendix K--Muslim Estimate

Our Promise To
Participating Groups

This study is not for marketing purposes; names and addresses of congregations are not collected or published. The study works with each participating group to ensure the group's accurate representation.

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